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Personal Learning Network for Darryl Thornton

Currently, as an instructor in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Alabama, I am enthusiastic to pursue further knowledge and skills related to pedagogy and research methods so that I can learn to bridge the experience to the interest of the students and the work I’m pursuing toward my PhD.  My career up to this point has been in the fashion industry, which is an ecology of semiotics in which meaning, while subjective, is constructed by a fluid and dynamic body of experts and consumers.  As I continue to grow in my development through course work, I find myself particularly interested in epistemology for how it emphasizes the less assumed process of how knowledge and learning are sedimented.

In ruminating on my personal learning network (PLN) for professional networking and development, I created a visual diagram through iMindMap.  I utilized iMindMap for conceptualizing and developing my PLN because it allow for me to begin at a global level, organically progressing and evolving over time with me, through and beyond social media.  My PLN represents my desire to continually nurture and develop symbiotic relationships at every level, as it relates to the connectivism or “connectedness” of an instructor.  I further defined my PLN as having three primary or global distinctions; personal, internet, and content resources.  At the personal level are those I have a personal relationship with; peers, mentors, instructors, advisers, and supervisors.  The internet resources work through all manner of social media and on-line resources, which could also include one’s personal network through internet platforms.  While content resources, for me, are about learning and the ideals that contribute to learning, one branch for each; teaching ideals, journals, conferences, curriculum, and books.  An insanely detailed PLN can be seen below…

PLN for Darryl Thornton

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  1. I like your visual diagram and I’m wondering why someone has not developed this before now. It makes so much sense. Your papers are all very interesting and well written.


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